*Are you the kind of person who asks deep questions and feels strongly that there is more to this life than what our society tells us about?

*Do you wonder where your true home is?

*What you're here for?

Dr. Lancaster's

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"Divine Life Therapy"
which is now the home of Gnostic Pneumatherapy


Dr. Joseph Lancaster, Founder of Gnostic Pneumatherapy® psycho-spiritual therapy and analysis,  welcomes you to this website. If you are ready to explore these questions and do the necessary work to answer the call of your inner divine spark, your efforts will help alleviate emotional distress such as anxiety and depression, or excessive anger or stress. I'm ready to help you gain control over these sufferings.

Our mission is to tune into and watch/listen, to the spirit within, as I offer quality and effective therapy with spirit. I want to help you reduce emotional suffering and connect to your own deepest resources.

Gnostic Pneumatherapy® psycho-spiritual counseling is the structure I will use to help you watch and listen to the spirit within (pneuma) and practice living according to your highest will. Doing this will bring you an inner treasure, and that treasure is gnosis (knowledge of your deepest realities).

You can learn new habits of thinking and come to see yourself and your potential anew. You can begin to accept your experience and find serenity. You can practice mindful awareness and make decisions that help you reach your goals. 

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Ancient Gnostic Codices

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